Alex went above the call of duty, he made us feel like we were his only clients. He was always available, and he always called to let us know exactly what was going on. I would refer him to anyone at anytime, because he is a wonderful lawyer. He goes to bat for you; he is professional, determined, and paid extreme attention to details. He crossed every t and dotted every i, and he made sure we stayed on top of the things we needed to stay on top of.  

Paulette K.

Alex helped me in every way that he could. He was there for me every time I called, and I knew when I first met him that he was going to be the one to help me. I was very pleased with my experience. I tell everyone that he is the best, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for legal help.  Mr. Zoghby is wonderful, and he is the best  I've ever seen in an attorney. He takes time out of his day for you, and I really appreciate him and everything he did for me. He still takes my calls if I have questions, and I genuinely enjoy talking to him.

- Bessie F.

Alex Zoghby and his team value the experience our clients receive from our firm. Browse the testimonials below to learn more about the service we provide to each and every client we represent. 

​​​​He is very cut to the chase, he gives you the facts, and he gives you a level of comfort - he lets you know that he has your back. He makes himself available to you. When we had our accident, it was very hard on myself and my family. My husband, myself, and my two children were all injured, and I was very happy with how he handled my claim. 

- Lynn C.

Alex was always available when I called, and he never got frustrated with me. He and his staff were always extremely professional. He would stay on the phone with me until I understood exactly what was going on, and he definitely went above and beyond anything I had expected. As a single mom,the medical bills started to pile up and go above my expected budget, and he was very helpful with making sure I wasn't ever dealing with too much stress. He treated me like a person and friend, not just like a client. I would definitely refer Mr. Zoghby, because of how he treats people. He really made me feel at home, and like I was an important client to him. 

- Lisa B.

I have had a wonderful experience with Alex. I feel that he went above and beyond to take care of my claim. He would call to check in, and when no one else was listening he was always available to listen. To me, that was the most important part of seeking legal counsel, finding a contact, being able to have a person you can call who understands what you're going through and knows how to handle the situation. He handled everything, and he kept me informed of every price, percentage, and fee.

- Tymon W. 

Alex takes a lot of time to get to know you when you first come to his office. He leaves no stone unturned, and to this day if I need to call and pursue a problem I'm having, he always gets back to me as soon as possible. He  and his staff always made you feel like one of the family, they never let your needs go unattended. I knew I never needed to worry. I would, and have, referred Mr. Zoghby to others for many reasons, some being that he is very caring, honest, thorough, and I believe that anyone who came to him would know that Mr. Zoghby would look out for them 100%. 

- Barbara M. 

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident a few years ago, and I had an awful experience with a personal injury attorney. Unfortunately, I was involved in a second accident this year, when, according to eyewitnesses, a woman talking on her phone while driving recklessly ran a red light, crossed traffic, and plowed right into my driver's door at roughly 40-50 miles an hour, severely injuring both myself and my little girl (she was hit in the head by the woman's SUV). I never even saw her coming. I was determined not to hire an attorney, but a neighbor recommended Alex Zoghby. I was still skeptical, and it took a while for him to convince me that he could help, but I reluctantly took a chance and hired him. Needless to say, it was a good choice. My experience this time has been completely different, and Alex and Megan have been stellar to deal with. They do not make excuses for why they cannot do the job, they just do it, and they do it well. They follow through on every detail and accomplish what they say they will, even going the extra mile and helping us with referrals for the excellent medical care we are still in need of. Alex is a perfectionist, and has great personal and professional integrity - something that appears to be rare in many accident attorney's. I cannot adequately put into words the respect I have for this legal team. I am so thankful to have such qualified people on my side! If you are in need of an accident attorney, please do not buy into the hype of the accident chasers looking to make a quick and easy buck off of your misfortune. I am much wiser in the ways of the law and insurance companies, and I can say with all confidence that Alex Zoghby is one of the best - if not the best - attorneys in this area; and to his benefit and yours, he is an experienced trial attorney. I have never, for one instance, regretted my decision, and I thank God for the good fortune of having hired him!

​- Tracy D.