$5,000,000– Recovery against a hospital for medical negligence

$1,250,000– Recovery against big trucking company for fatal auto accident

$600,000– Rear end collision to medical doctor causing neck injury

$400,000– Disabling foot injury to dock worker against crane operator

$375,000– Slip and fall against premises owner

$275,000– Injured workers settlement against store owner for neck injury

$248,000– Slip and fall work place injury

$200,000– Head injury suffered in car wreck against reckless inattentive driver

$300,000– Recovery against regional trucking company for neck injury to eighteen wheel truck driver

$210,000– car crash victim by someone who ran a stop sign

$175,000– Recovery by auto accident victim against a driver who failed to yield

$150,000– Recovery by store shopper when merchandise rack fell upon her

$130,000– Intersection collision recovery in auto accident

$160,000– Workers compensation neck injury sustained by airplane worker

$110,000– Slip and fall recovery at store

$175,000– Disabling workers compensation head injury for apartment manager

$175,000– Workers compensation recovery for injured worker